Adventures in Cannabis with Tony from Cannabis Trainers

This week in #AdventuresInCannabis we’re featuring Tony, a 15 year veteran in the cannabis industry. He highlights one heck of a customer service story. You will not want to miss his stone cold ability to keep a straight face in front of, well you will see….

Keeping up with Regulatory Changes

“I think the managers have a more significant challenge, then when I was a dispensary manager. In a sense, there is more to keep up with; like 600 pages of regulations and constant rule changes, not to mention they still have their managing role to fulfill.”

7 Best Practices for Effective Cannabis Compliance Programs

“Because of the sheer number of regulations we’re required to follow and the fact that they are constantly changing, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to manage compliance whilst maintaining resilience in the face of various challenges.”

Adventures in Cannabis with Heather Rosenberg

This week in #AdventuresInCannabis we’re featuring Heather Rosenberg, the CEO of Simply Consulting. Heather is looking forward to assisting cannabis businesses around the world with their inventory management needs. Read her story here…

Adventures in Cannabis with Kyra Reed from Kadin Academy

This week in #AdventuresInCannabis we’re featuring Kyra Reed, the founder of Kadin Academy and Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis. Kyra is also a Brand Architect for the Puerto Rican cannabis company, Caramor, and is on the ground floor helping to rebuild after last year’s big hurricane. Read her story here…

Mentor Monday with Kadin Academy

Compliance can be tough because it is so dynamic. Implementing a successful Compliance Program can be challenging, but is essential for your business to succeed. In addition to meeting regulations, effective Compliance Programs