Adventures in Cannabis with Heather Rosenberg

In an effort to cultivate community, compliance, and chuckles, Trax Team Solutions will be featuring various cannabis industry stakeholders in what we call, “Adventures In Cannabis.”

“Heather, please tell us about your wildest and/or favorite experience working in the cannabis industry thus far.”

One of my favorite experiences in the cannabis industry was helping one of my very first clients as a consultant. Becoming a consultant was exciting, and I was eager to travel around Colorado to engage with businesses that needed help with compliance. One of my first trips landed me in Route County, just outside of Steamboat Springs. Upon arriving, Mark greeted me, one of the nicest cannabis business owners I’ve met to date. He was very eager to set up his retail store, which was set to be the first of its kind in the county.

After an excellent dinner where I tried poutine for the first time, Mark showed me to the little cabin that I would call home while in town. Even though I was there to work for him, he treated me with a level of respect I haven’t often found elsewhere.

I stayed for a few days to help them get everything organized for their opening day. Having worked mostly in grows up until that point, I hadn’t experienced the excitement and anticipation of participating in a dispensary launch. It was a pleasant experience. The town was incredibly excited, and the Mayor even showed up to cut the ribbon. There was a line around the building for quite some time. It seemed like everyone in town was there to share the day. Of course, there were challenges, but it was an incredible day spent with people who were excited to have the opportunity to choose a different form of medicine; something that would change lives and alleviate pain for many. It was an experience I will never forget, and I’m thankful to Mark for making it even more special by treating me so well



heather (1)
Heather Rosenberg
CEO |Simply Consulting

Heather is a Colorado native and has been involved in the cannabis industry since early on in 2010. She started out as a trimmer and advanced into warehouse management within her first year in the industry. Heather quickly learned the essential aspects of the cannabis plant that we love and how to prepare it for sale, focusing mostly on the curing process, which is paramount in our legal market. In no time, Heather learned the staples of producing a high yield as well, making her a valuable resource from seed to wholesale for cultivators.

After a short time, Heather took an Operations Management position in which she cared for four licensed facilities. It was there that Heather mastered METRC, the state-mandated seed-to-sale tracking software for Colorado. Before long, Heather began focusing on compliance and the creation of standard operating procedures for all types of licensed facilities, teaching others along the way.

Heather’s growth within the cannabis industry enabled her to become a consultant in 2014. Heather has shown her penchant for high standards for compliance by executing compliance audits, creating standard operating procedures, and providing METRC training around the state.


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